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Drive high ROI and increased conversions with our optimized email marketing strategy

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Email Marketing: To Build Strong Connections

Features of Our Email
Marketing Services

Effective Tools To Create & Manage Mailing List

With our email marketing services, you get an array of effective tools that let you create and manage your mailing list for quicker and effortless email marketing

Send Mail From Your Domain Name Address

Now sending emails from your own domain name address, i.e., to leave an impression as a brand is made easy with our email marketing services.

A Simple & Functional Control Panel

The best email marketing service offers a control panel for not just managing the mails but also to efficiently view different reports and diagrams; and this is what we offer.

Control Panel On The Go

With our email marketing services, you get a control panel that does not need any extra software installation for use and can be easily accessed from your computer system.

Import/Export Tools For Mailing List

Our email marketing solutions enable you to import and export your entire mailing list database and your subscribers’ database with our various import or export devices

Analysis & Insights

Get analysis and insights on your email marketing success through different graphs, diagrams, and reports to keep a tab on your results.

Why More & More Businesses Are Turning Towards Email Marketing?

High ROI & Low Cost Per Acquisition, E-mail is the most cost-effective channel ever invented. The other benefits of E-mail marketing includes:

Expected Returns of 44:1

As per 2020 reports, email marketing produces $44.25 returns on an average basis for every $1 spent.

Quick and Affordable

Email campaigns are not only affordable but are also put together within few days instead of weeks.

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Targeted Campaigns

You get a wide range of firmographic and demographic standards to reach your target market through the best email marketing platforms.

digicom Analytics

Report Analytics

Since emails are data-driven, you get to know the growth, CTRs, Open Rates, Unsubscribes, and Complaints.

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